I thought that I could open themes behind KUDE Cloth Coaching because it’s something that people are asking about. I’m going to write four blog posts aroud different themes and I hope we’ll have discussions around these themes. Of course themes are really wide so I have to summarise quite a lot. Hopefully my text is understandable in English 😉

Main purpose behind the KUDE Cloth Coaching is to make people to think about dressing, needs, consuming and already existing clothes from a new perspective. Without guilt with positive examples and inspiration. In the Cloth Coaching we are handling also other issues than dressing, hopefully it’s an eyeopening process that raises respect towards yourself and clothes that we own.

I’ve been working with clothing and textile industry for several years and I’ve seen the machine behind the system. Branch has diven itsef to corner with the low prices and low appreciation towards clothes. Huge quantities of disposable clothes have been made and new trends have been developed that the machine would make money faster and faster, more and more. It’s no wonder consumers are confused with the decision making.

Ethical and ecological issues have been the number ones when I was thinking of my own collection and I was about the get confused. Ethicality is an issue thet you cannot question. Everybody  has a right to work safely and get eneugh pay to live. Ecological can be considered from different ancles thinking of  for example materials, production methods and consuming habits. My view on this point is that the garment that you are purchasing has to be practical and it has be in active use. Also the garments that you already own have to be loved and worn out. That is why you have to respect your clothes.  You can also make a difference by bying. You can decide what kind of company you support with your money.

Next time  I’m going to write about layers and respect.