Second theme that I’m writing about is layers and self-acceptance. One might think that in Cloth Coaching I’ll start talking about new trends, rules and how Finnish people dress or don’t dress. No, my view is totally different. First I’ll talk about what clothing and dressing is about and how deep subject it is. Now I have to generalize quite a lot so read also between the lines if you dare 😉

I’ve separated us in three different layers. 1. Spiritual/inmost me, 2. Physical me and 3. Clothing. Layers are like a ball of thread: When you do the first layers well, it’s easier to finish the following layers.  This way the common thread of ones dressing can be recogniced. A common thread that comes from the  inmost layer and ends up to the visually seen clothing.

1. Spiritual/inner me: In this layer we have all the matters that are really important to us. Values, emotions, self-respect and respect of other humanbeings. When this layer is clear to us, it’s easier to manage also other layers. If this layer is a mess, it will also  affect to the outer layers and one outcome is a mixed-up wardrobe. When we think good about ourselfs and respect ourself, we usually want to take good care of ourselves also. Our body is our temple. You must know a person who glows charisma and self-respect. Charisma is something that has nothing to do with the weight or looks. Charisma is self-confidence, self-approval and respect towards the physical you.

2. Physical me: Physical me is all that we are physically. Body, posture, skin, nails, hair. This is where I usually also say: You are what you eat. Our nutrition reflects directly to our wellbeing. One should celebrate that the body has the strength to carry us from day to another, not to worry if you have had a one wrinkle more. And yes, life is much easier when you accept the fact that we all are as unique and special as trees in the forrest. We all have our annual rings and all are necessary and important. Our genetics are unique, it’s not possible to find another like you. That’s why we should appreciate our uniqueness. Clothing industrys marketing machine is feeding us only one stereotype of a human, that is why I want to talk about this…and it would be a subject for a whole new text..

3. Clothing: On this outer layer reflects the two inner layers that we have dealed. By dressing we communicate these layers weather we wanted or not. One simple example of clear signals are gangs and political parties. If you think about gangs in USA or political parties all over the world, they have own colours to signal their own team. Even if you would decide not to care about clothing or dressing, you still communicate something about you. We humans read signals about eachothers from clothing and most of the notices are done before we have had a chance to open our mouth and charm with our personality.

As said, dressing isn’t superficial and it shouldn’t be demoniced. I scratched only the surface about this theme. Dressing and clothing can be easy, fun and significant. You can decide how to think about clothing and dressing, let’s discuss more aboout this subject!

Next theme is about recognizing ones needs and reflecting it to the current situation.