Now we have gone trough our layers and what influences we have around us. We understand the impacts for our actions and hopefully we see ourselves in respecting light.

What is clothing about? From the beginning we have started to dress ourselves to have protection against cold, wind or sunshine. We have communicated in what tribe we belong to and from what society class we come from. Today we still protect ourselves and communicate via clothing. There isn’t an option not to get dressed in the morning, it’s part of our lives and coulture.

Need and reality is reflecting your needs to the current situation. Before you start defining your personal style, go trough your wardrobe, get rid of unnecessary clothing or buy new, I recommend to go trough this phase with thought.

Analyze how and where you spend your time, what needs do you have. If your everyday life is filled with relaxed office work and free time with your children, the reality in your wardrobe, 10 blazers, aren’t probably what you need. If your closet is filled with party tops it isn’t easy to step into an expert role when you want to communicate professionality. If your time is divided 50/work, 25/home and chores, 20/outdoors and exercise, 5/movies, dinners etc., you can consider is your wardrobe divided according to these needs. Is you wardrobe in balance?

You can list all your different needs and go trough what it means considering your clothing. Where you have the biggest challenges? Do you have an easy and combinable outfit for different occations?

At this point it’s also good to think your shopping behavior. How I’ve ended into this situation? Do I have a problem with impuls shopping or is my problem that I don’t know what or how to buy anything? What feelings are attached to the process? Is my shopping planned and do I build my wardrobe with a plan? The most important question in dressingroom is: Do I need OR do I want? Going trought your buying behaviour helps you to control your own behaviour and helps to do planned decisions.

Now that you have defined your own needs and analyzed how your needs reflect the reality, we can start to think about dressing and clothing on a concrete level. In the next theme we are going trough our preferences.