SALE season is at its peak in January. Stores after another are labelling products with orange pricetags, even -70%. But not KUDE, why? Because I think that sales are mental! Most of the clothes are in discount because no one want’s to uy them. Companies are trying to get rid of the items that they can fill the stored with new ones!

Sales are also one of the themes in my clothes coachings. My message is that SALEs are a big nono! Sometimes I get dissaproval looks but most of the people are relieved. I recommend to skip the SALEs and buy exactly what you need, when you need and exactly the kind of clothes that you love! These clothes are going to be in a much better use than bargains. Usually people tend to lower their expectations towards clothes in SALE. Suddenly a grey cardigan can turn into a orange because it was -50% and the normal price was so high! What a saving! Or was it?

I’ve been on a tight personal budget during my entreprenourship. Now I can be happy that I’ve declined sales from myself for years. Now I can enjoy the fact that I’ve been buying only good quality and the kind of clothes that I really like. My winter boots have lasted already 4- years and I still love them. Also my wintercoats are 3-11- years old. These purchases are normally quite expensive but they have paid themselves back many times if counted as usage times. I rather save money and buy exactly what I like, than to “save” and buy something almost what I wanted in half price. I’ve gone trough many Finns wardrobes and I know that most of the dusty items on the shelves and in hangers are the ones that were bought as bargains. There is something to think about. What are you really saving?