2014. Well, it’s starting to be official! My company KUDE Design Oy is registred and I’m an entrepreneur. KUDE ® is companys registred trademark and web store is going trough last testings and finishing. First production is getting ready in Estonia and it should be moving towards Espoo within a week.

I wonder if I’ll finally have time for something else than paper work or accountant search. You have to be insistent when doing this. I’ve been working with the idea for two years and not until now KUDE is starting to be ready for it’s own life. Alone I wouldn’t be at this point, I’ve had support form a big group of creative and innovative people. Team and network has grown and it’s been amazing to work with the best professionals from different fields. THANK YOU! And the journey is only in the beginning…I’m so SOO happy about all this….snif! Let’s get this thing started! Wooohoooo!