It was one sweaty shopping trip when I got the idea for the company. My plan was to buy a t-shirt. I tried many different shirts, went to a dozen stores and still coudn’t find it. I was angry, tired and a bit depressed. Wrong material, awful print, poor quality. I decided to do t-shirt and top myself if anyone else couldn’t do it. With proper measurements, with good quality, not just t-shirts but clothes that you can trust. This is the story behind the first products.

I’ve heard so many times: Well, you decided to do t-shirts, that everyone else is doing also. You’ll have a lot of competitiors, well, good luck for you. Yep. I took a big challenge, but I decided to do these wardrobe classics because they didn’t get enought appreciation. T-shirt is a metaphora for disposable coulture, a disposable cloth, that is mentioned many times when we are talking about problems within textile industry. KUDE offers a different choise, a trusted cloth.

The plan was to manufacture only black products, for start. But I was interested what other colours people would like to have into their wardrobe and arranged a vote in blog. As a result we have now bright blue KUDE T and beautiful warm orange KUDE Top in collection!

These trusted clothes are designed and tought with big heart and love. By communicating and listening. Openly and with professional touch.

Let’s give love  and appreciation to our trusted clothes, old ones and new, needed ones!