1. Total look and combinations: Fit and test different clothes combinations from your own wardrobe. Take tips from magazines, pictures etc., do grazy combinations so you’ll find the right look. Invite your friend to help you, you might want to start with bubbling drinks. Test new outfits always forehand so you’ll know that you feel comfortable and natural.
  2. Less is more: By simplest, an outfit has one detail that is highlighted: colour, shoes, bag, jewellery, cut…if you add too many different details in one outfit, you’ll end up looking like a Xmas tree. If you don’t want to be compared to Xmas tree, remember the one highligt rule.
  3. Use the right size! No one can see what sizelabel your dress has. If you wear too little clothes, you’ll end up looking bigger than you really are. Better to wear a bit too big than too little size. OBS! Don’t mix a good fit and right size to a slimfit cut, those clothes have to be tight.
  4. Respect yourself and carry yourself well! We all are different and unique. Don’t compare yourself with others, carry yourself with good posture regardless of what you are wearing, jogging suit or evening gown.
  5. Every bodytype has own tips and usage of the tricks depends on what you want to hightlight. Few common rules are: horizontal stripes widens/vertical narrows,  horizontal cuts in clothes shortens, one coloured outfit lengthens, small neck opening widens already big bust…Libraries are full of style quides with tips for diferent bodytypes.
  6. Colours: Use them! Black is the best colour for only few people in Scandinavia. So if you are wearing black next to your face, bring some other colour close for example with scarf. Black is a really easy and practical colour so you don’t need to avoid it and wear beige because they said so in colour analysis. People tend to find naturally many right colours and colourtones for themselves. Colours have many tones(from warm to cold, light to dark) and by comparing everyone can find the correct ones. One easy tip to compare colours/tones is to compare different colours next to your face and observe if the colour is refreshing your face or if it makes you look tired. Obviously colour that makes your skin look clear and refreshens is better. It takes a bit of training but you’ll learn it!