Because I want to be able to offer products that have reasonable price and quality and continuance! One could describe clothing companys start ateast expensive. Costs build up in advance and depending on the product range the money needed can rise to huge amounts. In media there has been a lot of talk about the cost structure of clothing and what you actually pay when you buy a cloth. The more there a steps in the chain, the more expensive the clothes get. From the beginning I have decided to sell my items via online store or from pop-up events to prevent the cost structure from rising.

Online store is a challenging sales channel and I have used a lot of time to get it high quality, functional and trustworthy. We use Finnish company Sidian Oy for the store service provider because of their security and usability in the service (of course it was nice that they are from my home town Joensuu). Security is the key issue with the payments and that is why we use also Finnish company Paytrail for payments. These choices built us quite hight costs in the beginning because of the security, but that is an issue that I won’t flex at all.

I’m offering products to you via online store that company’s money (read mine) won’t be spent on fixed costs but to trusted clothes that have continuance. Online store because we can deliver products around Finland and Europe. Online store because it’s flexible and mobile!