It’s hard to find fitting clothes. Measurements are usually made for only one bodytype and that has become a standard. That bodytype is quite tall and slim. It’s a great bodytype, all are! But why are clothes made based only on that one standard?

During the clothes coaching I tend to face one common believe over and over again; my body is somehow wrong because I can’t find fitting clothes! My respond to this is that a person isn’t wrong shaped, clothes are. In this kind of situations the right clothes haven’t just found you.

In the old days clothes were made with tailoring principles, with peoples own patterns and fittings. When mass production came popular measurements were standardised that more could me manufactured at the same time. In Finland we use standard measurements that are based on measuring a big group of different kind of people. Newest womens measurement book was done in 2001. In that book there are 2 age groups, 6 height groups, 6 bodytypes and 3 different shaped waists. It’s common to use B- measurements(normal hip, 164cm high) because that includes 30% of the measured women. All countries have theis specialities with measurements and bodytypes.

Clothing should be done with several different measurements that all could feel right shaped and find fitting clothes. KUDE clothing collection is based on C measurements(curvy hip, 160cm high). That means that basically I’ve done the clothes for shorter and curvyer women than ”normally”. The clothes have been designed the way that actually very many shaped women find fitting clothes from KUDE collection. I’ve celebrated with my clients because we have found the ”perfect dress that fits”! And oh my, that smile, that could light a room! I’ve heard comments that clients are so happy that I’m doing clothes also for ”us curvy girls”! Every woman is unique and right shaped to me and I’ll do all that I can to keep the smile on divine womens faces and with my collention!