International Fashion Revolution Day is on 24th of April. With this campaign consumers want to show to cloth industry that they take interest in the origin of their clothing. Cloth industry also wants to show to consumers that there are ones that care. From the beginning I have analyzed the production chain and meaning of the terms ethicality and ecology according to my own products. KUDE aspect to ecology and also to ethicality is: Wear more, buy less! When you buy products that you really need, you can pay a bit more, you’ll get good quality and also more ethical and ecological products.

We as a buyers of the industry have a power to decide where we manufacture our clothes. Ethical opportunities are already all over the world. We have a responsibility to demand ethical actions from factories but also responsibility to work together and develop. Nothing happens in seconds, changes take time.

You consumer, have the power to make a difference. This doesn’t mean that I wan you to feel quilty, no, it’s a fact, individual choises matter. It’s your choise if you want to support clothing industry that pushes everything out of the production chain with the dollar bills in their eyes or will you support a company that want’s to change industry and offers a different choise.

You can make a difference by buying. You can make a difference by changing your consuming habits. You can make a difference by purchasing high quality products that are easily combined with other clothes you have. You can make a difference by asking, where clothes are made. When you ask, those who have answers, will tell you.