KUDE ® – Cornerstones for your wardrobe.

KUDE ® is a Finnish clothig label that designs cornerstones of wardrobe for everyday clothing. Clothes that are easily combinable and long lasting in design and quality. We design our collection by listening your needs, produce them from trusted materials with trusted people. We sell our collecion via our own Web Shop. Details matter, our clothes have a story and meaning.

How was KUDE® born?

KUDE was established by clothing professional Outi Pakarinen. Outi got fed up of the clothing industry after working for several years in different clothing companies. Consumption coulture and disposable fashion started to feel overwhelming and idea for own company started to develop. Willingness to offer trusted clothes and a different alternative for the market got real when company Kude Design Oy was established in Espoo Finland 2013. Rebellion against disposable consumtion coulture started with a blog where Outi opened her ideas and values behind the idea and company.

First the idea was to develop a clothing label, brand, that would offer cornerstones of the wardrobe with quality and with ethical and ecological values. Clothes for real women, not for mannequins. Our mission is to rebell positively against disposable coulture and boring life! Join our rebellion!

KUDE Studio & Shop: Päivöläntie 15, 00730 Helsinki


Kude Design Oy

KUDE Studio & Shop: Päivöläntie 15, 00730 Helsinki
mob. +358 (0)40-5732946
VAT: FI25854977