Every item in KUDE collection is born from an idea, need or from a wish. We build our collection item by item. Strategy is ecological, ethical as well as economical. First we designed the corner stones of every wardrobe: t-shirt and top. We develop our collection to the direction that we notice is needed. Perho Dress and men’s t-shirts are in our collection because we listened to you and designed by listening. You can find our collection from our web shop.


We bring industrial design thinking to clothing design. We love beautiful clothes but clothes have to be also practical. Practicality combined to material and pattern knowledge build a strong base to KUDE collection, trusted clothes of your wardrobe. KUDE team has a wide know how from clothing industry and we combine our forces to make the best possible clothes in the world!


Women: Measurements for KUDE clothes is done by thinking of a real woman and everyday life. KUDE woman is feminine and enjoys her fiqure. In patterns we have paid a special attention to womenly figures and height. Our clothes fit to short, curvy or even tall women as a differnce for “normal measurements” (what ever normal means today..).

Men: Men asked us to pay attention in the measurements for example shirt hem length, neck opening size and sleeve length and width. That’s what we did. As a result we have well fitting and menly shape filling t-shirt.


We want to know where the materials come from, where items are cutted and sewn. That’s why we choose our production partners well and we go and check production circumstances always when it is possible. Quality is our priority, so we are not doing everything for everyone. We are focused on cornerstones of wardrobes. Our view on ecology is on decreasing consumption and offering easily combinable clothes. You can find more information about certificates that are found from our materials here: GOTS , Öko-Tex100 .


KUDE goal is that people feel good in their bodies and they feel positive. We value different shapes, all sizes and forms. This is why we use normal people in the photo shoots, not professional models. We want to bring different body images in to media that our eyes would not get used to photoshoped pictures and bodyshapes. And we have got AMAZING pictures every time!

Tell us what you need!

We want to build our collection piece by piece. Tell us what you need and what you would like in your wardrobe! You can send us e-mail ( or comment to our Facebook– page.