KUDE – cloth coaching, easier everyday clothing

Idea to cloth coaching has emerged from a genuine desire to help and from amazement towards disposable culture. It is a coaching that aims to a general view of yourself as a dresser, the wardrobe and it’s systematic building. Aim is to save time, money, nerves and the environment. Guidelines will be defined with a textile professional, with positive support and guidance. Wear more, buy less! The aim is to find a common thread of your own clothing. After definition of the common thread, the wardrobe can be analyzed according the set goals. Coaching can be tailored individually to differend needs for private people as well as for companies.

KUDE cloth coaching is for your if you struggle with for example following challenges:

  • – Closet is too full and still you don’t find anything to wear.
  • – You are constantly buing something new, but usually items will be hanging useless in the closet with the pricetag.
  • – It is hard to find combinations from your wardrobe.
  • – It is dificult to know what kind of clothes are good quality and fit to your figure.
  • – Your own professional persona is missing.
  • – You want to date yourself in a cross road of your life (new job, weight loss..)

Examples of coaching:

  • – 1,5h Me as a dresser- coaching; Analyzing you as a dresser and finding your own common thread.
  • – 4h Wardrobe check- home visit; Analyzing your wardrobe according to goals set in 2h coaching and first steps of building a systematic wardrobe.

So, how is your wardrobe doing?

At this moment we offer coaching in Helsinki area and coaching can be done also in English. Feel free to contact me and we can start the journey towards your systematic wardrobe! Coaching starting from 98€. For more information contact: outi.pakarinen@kude.fi